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At, M&M Home Repairs and Construction,we offer 30 years experience in the fence building industry. If you have noticed any well constructed and appealing looking fences in the Dayton, Ohio area that have caught your attention, it is likely that it was built by M&M.

Fence Builders Dayton Ohio

We’ve all heard the old cliché that fences make good neighbors. And while it’s true that a fence can clearly define and outline a home’s property, a fence does so much more than simply create boundary lines.

Fences give us privacy and safety, while also adding to the aesthetic charm of our homes. Fencing makes the perfect backdrop for flowers, shrubs and other landscaping.

Add to this the fact that fencing can give you a substantial return on your investment and contacting your local Dayton fence company seems like a great idea. Adding a fence is good value all around.

We construct only durable fences that will withstand the test of time. All our posts are set in concrete a minimum of 24″ deep. We ensure our pickets “touch the ground” leaving no room for small pets to escape.

We offer wood fencing and installation in acq pressure treated lumber or cedar.

Wood fencing can be constructed in a variety of styles including privacy, dog-earred, picket, horse rail, or split rail.

As one of the best local fencing contractors in the Dayton,Ohio and Miami Valley area, M & M can customize just about any wood fence design.

We also offer vinyl fencing and installation which is available in several colors and in privacy, picket, or horse rail designs.

We also have experience in chain link fencing and installation with a variety of heights and lengths to fit your needs.

If the ground on your property is hilly or has an uneven grade, you’ll find that fence installation isn’t necessarily easy process. It can be difficult to get an appealing fence line on land that is uneven or on a property line that has unusual angles.

Most people choose a skilled fence company like M & M to have the fence installed on their property. This way you’re assured of a sturdy fence and a professional looking job.

Adding fencing to your home is a remodeling project that won’t disrupt your daily life and yet you’ll add significant beauty to the exterior of your home.

The truth is your neighbors will probably enjoy the fence as much as you do, using it as a back drop for their own landscaping. Fences offer more than just keeping people or things in or out of your property. Fences are an extension of your home.

They help you to extend your living space, provide safety for children and pets, enhance your landscaping and add value to your home. Contact M & M today to learn how fencing can add beauty and security to your home.

We are Bonded and Insured for your protection and accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ Rating!

Contact us today and find out why we are known for the fences that the Dayton, Ohio area is proud to display.

For a free estimate from a quality fence builder, call M&M Home Repairs and Construction!